Mind Over Moon

October 25th, 2012

Whatchu know about wearing a wolf on your noggin?

I have been eager to post on this fella here, mostly because ever since the day his steezy stuntin’ self arrived on my radar, I have been bursting at the seams to tell the whole world about him. Luckily, he inspires this in many folks as last week his debut album with (awesome) producer Ryan Lewis went to #1 on iTunes as well as #2 on the Billboard charts… oh, and did I mention he isn’t signed?

I waited, however, because I wanted to give the album, The Heist, a thorough listen before I fully endorsed him. The video above, to his single Thrift Shop, is exceptional through and through. But we live in a world where we are in constant danger of experiencing anti climactic hype over someone who is simply a one-hit-wonder.

Fortunately, I believe our boy Macklemore is here to stay. His raps are irreverent, often topical, and always astute observations, even when the subject matter is trite. I always feel like he is talking right to me.

Conveniently, I have provided you with the link to buy his album on iTunes. That’s right, I said buy it. It is $11.99 for the deluxe version (that’s cheap), and this isn’t some label lackey. This guy posted a top notch brand, and successfully marketed it himself. He deserves whatever cut he is getting from this album, and I hope it’s a lot.

Special thank you to Rusty for opening me up to this musical influence that has brought me great joy since. HT