Mind Over Moon

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I’m called Moon, or any iteration thereof.

Here I am, unintentionally doing my best Joplin.

I’m in my mid-twenties, and I’m very reflective about the whole experience. I vacillate between taking positive steps forward and casually regressing towards the mean. I am astounded at how fast the last 5 years went and mildly frightened, yet curious, about the next 5. I took a long, winding road towards my own self satisfaction, and believe me when I say it was a road riddled with potholes and car wrecks. I have learned to embrace the bumpy ride, and luckily, worked hard to navigate to a paved surface. Please join me on the scenic route.

I would describe my writing style as somewhere between ranting and philosophizing. Topics commonly covered include pop culture, existential crises, photography and graphic design, higher education, food, my complicated relationship with social media, alcohol related events and revelations had therein, and my lifelong fascination with fax machines (still editing that post. I’ll make it relevant though, I promise).

Feel free to drop me a line at mindovermoon@gmail.com

twitter: @elmoonio
instagram: @ellemoonio

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