Mind Over Moon

September 4th, 2012

Glennz Tees – this guy is a genius


I’ve been like a mad scientist at my desk for days, trying to bring Frankenstein (my portfolio) to life. I find my productivity exponentially increases if I take half hour breaks every couple of hours. Luckily on my most recent break I found Glenn Jones on dribbble, which led me here. This guy is an incredible illustrator, so buy his t-shirts! That’s right, I linked it twice.

That is all.

August 20th, 2012

Hayley Warnham – Ironic Pop Art

Hayley Warnham

The other day I stumbled upon Hayley Warnham, a talented young digital artist. I love the way she injects pop art illustration and color into dated imagery.  I love the ironic futurism and somewhat absurdist visions her work gives me. So apparently she was accepted into The Royal College of Art in London to pursue her Masters in Visual Communication, which, by the way, is A BIG DEAL. The thing is, financially it would be difficult for her to attend. Conveniently she set up a donation fund in case anyone else of copious means is inspired by her art. Looking forward to seeing more from her. It may be quite some time from now, but I’m calling it, Hayley Warnham is the next big thing.